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Name Position Qualification Teaching subjects
Kariuki PE Mrs. Head Teacher B.ED. , M.A. English/Literature
Akumu C. Mr. Head of Senior School B.ED. Business Studies/Economics
Omino N. Mrs. Head of Prep School B.ED. Maths/Biology
Gitonga E. Mrs. Head of Kindergarten KHA Dip. Early Years
Githang'a W. Mrs Head, Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care B.ED. Art & Design
Mburu J. Mrs. Dean of Academic programmes B.ED. Geography/History
Okoth J. Mr. HOD - Creative and Performing Arts B.A Fine Arts
Ng'ang'a C. Mrs. HOD - Science B.ED. Biology/Chemistry
Mutuku P. Mr. HOD - Information Technology B.SC (IT). ICT / Applied ICT
Kanyange J. Mr. HOD - Sports and Games B.ED. P.E. /Games/Swimming
Muigua G. Mr. HOD - Examinations & Timetable B.ED. C.R.E./Swahili
Njoroge S. Mr. HOD -Humanities /BTEC Coordinator B.ED. Business Studies/Economics
Onyango M. Mr. HOD - Mathematics B.ED.  Mathematics
Maureen Onyango. Ms. HOD - Languages B.ED. English & Literature
Adera J. Mr Languages Teacher/ SPD Coordinator B.ED English & Literature
Mumia J. Miss KS3 Coordinator B.SC P.E/Games/Swimming
Sila G. Mr KS4 Coordinator B.A., PGDE Geography, Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology
Gachoya N. Mr. KS5 Coordinator B.ED.  Physics/Mathematics
Kerai D. Ms. Form Tutor 7R BSc. Biology & Chemistry
Odeyo C. Mr. Form Tutor 7S    
Waweru D. Mrs. Form Tutor 7N B.Ed. French
Okiro F. Mrs. Form Tutor  8R B.Ed., M.A Mathematics/ Chemistry
Muthoni N. Ms. Form Tutor 8S B.ED. Mathematics/Business Studies
Wangai. C. Mr. Form Tutor 8N B.Ed. PE/Mathematics
Barasa P. Mr. Form Tutor 9R B.ED English, Literature
Weche V. Mrs Form Tutor 9S/ Music Coordinator B.ED. Music / French
Himmelmann K. Mrs. Form Tutor 9N B.ED. English, German
Kamanu W. Mrs Form Tutor 10R B.ED, Level 2 Swimming Games/Swimming
Ingutia R. Mrs Form Tutor 10S B.ED.  History / CRE /Sociology
Oyengo B. Mr Form Tutor 10N B.ED English & Literature
Ochieng' J. Mrs Form Tutor 11R, B.ED PE/ Swimming
Simiyu E. Mr. Form Tutor 11 S, B.SC, PGDE Mathematics/Physics
Yeri N. Mrs Form Tutor 11N B.ED Geography/ Business Studies
Chege P. Mr Form Tutor 12R B.ED.  Physics/Chemistry
Riungu, Jane. Miss Form Tutor 12S B.A. International Relations/History
O’Palla F. Mr. Form Tutor 13R B. ED Biology / Chemistry
Oddenyo W. Mrs. Form Tutor - 13S / Editor - School Magazine B.ED. English/Literature
Onguso V. Mr.   B.ED.  Math / Biology
Kabaragu S. Mr. Humanities Teacher B.ED Geography, History
Mwaura S. Mrs. Swimming Teacher/Coach Level 4 swimming Swimming
Ambasa M. Mrs. Swimming Instructor Level 3 Certificate in Senior Life Saving Swimming
Mokaya J. Mr. Mathematics Teacher B.SC. , PGDE Mathematics
Kisali E. Mr. Music Teacher B.ED. Music
Olunga G Mr. Music Teacher BSc. Music
Njoka Mr. Languages Teacher B.ED Mandarin
Serede D. Mr. IT Teacher BSC (IT) ICT/Computing
Sasso D. Mr. Art & Design Teacher B.ED, MBA Fine Art Teacher
Name Position Qualification Teaching Subjects
Nyamori M. Mr. HOD- Literacy & Drama (Understudy Prep school) / Dean of Academic programmes B.ED. English/French
Karanja J. Mr. HOD- Math & Science Cert. Pri. Educ./ H. Dip (IMIS) Science / Mathematics
Nguli C. Mr. SENCO B.ED.(Special education) Economics/Business Studies
Jazino. Mr Class Tutor - Year 6R B.ED. (Learning Support) English, Mathematics
Ngugi S. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 6S B.A Mathematics/Sociology
Ayallo E. Miss Class Tutor - Year 6N /KS2 coordinator B.ED Mathematics, Economics
Ochieng' R. Miss Class Tutor - Year 5R B.ED. English/Literature
Kanyango F. Mr. Class Tutor - Year 5S B.A Math/Science
Ndetto B. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 5N B.A. Counselling Psychology
Otieno J. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 4R / HOD Humanities and MFL B.ED. French/Geography
Muhoro Mr. Class Tutor - Year 4N B.ED Science / Mathematics
Mwalimu C. Ms. Class Tutor - Year 3R B.Ed. English/Literature
Otieno S. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 3S B.Ed. English /Literature
Amalemba. Mr. Class Tutor - Year 3N B.ED. Maths/Science
Waweru H. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 2R / KS1 Coordinator B.Ed. Religion/Philosophy
Kihwaga I. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 2S KHA Cert, B.Ed. (Early childhood) English/Maths
Nakholi B. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 2N KHA Dip.  
Macharia W. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 1R KHA Dip.  
Wamulla H. Mrs. Class tutor - Year 1S Dip in Early Childhood, KHA Dip.  
Gichangi M. Mrs. Class Tutor - Year 1N B.Ed. Prep School Music
Waruingi A. Ms. Class Tutor- Beetles S KHA Cert.  
Wataka H. Ms Class Tutor- Beetles R KHA Dip.  
Keta R. Ms. Class Tutor- Beetles N KHA Cert.  
Onyango J. Ms. Class Tutor- Busy Bees R KHA Cert.  
Gitonga E. Mrs. Class Tutor- Busy Bees S KHA Dip.  
Kaniaru W. Ms. Class Tutor- Busy Bees N KHA Dip.  
Ragoi M. Ms. Class Tutor- Ladybirds R Dip in Transformational Church Leadership, KHA Dip.  
Wachira G. Mrs. Class Tutor- Ladybirds S KHA Cert.  
Mwai S. Mrs. Class Tutor- Butterflies KHA Dip.  

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