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Our mission is to provide opportunity for every pupil to learn the skills and competencies necessary to find their God-given purpose to achieve personal excellence and to develop into an all-round learner with sound intellectual, spiritual, social, moral and physical growth grounded on a firm Christian Foundation. 


Our vision is to be a leading Christian-based co-ed Centre of Excellence in international education within the Eastern African region and beyond.


Our core philosophy creates an environment that centers around building strength out of the diversity of our staff and pupils by creating relationships based on a strong Christian foundation and character that promotes honesty and integrity.


Compassion creates meaningful connections between knowledge, skill and people, providing an opportunity for self-mastery and a learning environment rich in love, care and respect for each other irrespective of religion, race, nationality or gender.


The path to self-mastery is rigorous, a proverbial crucible of fire. Within and outside our classes, our teachers design learning environments that facilitate rich, exciting, robust and challenging learning situations. These challenging engagements provide opportunities for reflection, self-awareness and Mastery of content and subject.


We provide an encouraging environment to develop the Fortitude necessary to complete this life journey productively, producing life-long learners who are independent thinkers, level-headed leaders, confident and good communicators, open-minded, balanced in thought, reflective, risk takers and democratic.


At the same time, we strive for a culture aimed at cultivating the child’s fertile mind, motivating him or her to seek, explore, solve, create and have a deep seated sense of Adventure about being a global citizen in a local context. We stimulate students’ interest in, and care for the environment and the community around us.


With a healthy sense of self, our students take their place in the world with Honour. Galvanized by the discipline and passion of the Rusinga experience they have the confidence necessary to fulfil the promise of their future in the 21st Century.


Our role is to nurture well-rounded balanced individuals, who are able to deploy all aspects of their learning in the real world. We cultivate your child’s capacity for individual and collective expression, communication and connection, to bring forth something fresh and of value. These provide numerous opportunities for your child to step into diverse leadership roles.


Rusinga Schools

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