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A-Level Overview

The A Level programme was started at Rusinga in 1994 and over the years, we have produced graduates who have joined world class Universities in the UK, USA, Italy, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and South Africa. Many students have also opted for the private and public Universities in Kenya. The Rusinga A Level Campus offers students an environment and experience which bridges the gap between School and University study. It brings a University approach and maturity to the students' work and broadens and deepens the academic and intellectual perspectives of the student which is of benefit to their tertiary education.

The students at the A Level Campus are encouraged to cope confidently with greater personal responsibility and freedom. Students are expected to develop effective study, research  and presentation skills and to take responsibility for aspects of their learning. Emphasis is placed on a firm Christian foundation, self discipline and good study skills.

Cambridge GCE Advanced Level

At the Rusinga A Level Campus students who start the AS/A Level course in September will take AS papers at the end of Year 12. If they do not meet the required  grade, they can retake; this is done at the end of Year 13 along with the A2 examinations.



BTEC programmes are vocational/ practical / industry oriented. Administered by Pearson (U.K).

BTEC is assessed internally by tutors giving assigments/ coursework which needs to be done within a deadline. Assessments are externally audited by Pearson's International Standards Verifiers. They visit centers to audit standards and assessments to ensure consistency. BTEC courses offered at Key Stage 5: Arts & Design, Business, Sports, and Music. Qualifications are recognized in all major universities worldwide and private universities in Kenya. Click here to learn more about the BTEC Programme. 



Compulsory and non-examinable subjects: 

Career Talks



Community Service and Work Experience


Subject Options: 

Subject Selection Guidelines: 

Option 1: Select four AS subjects from the non BTEC courses

Option 2: Select three AS subjects and one BTEC equivalent to one A level subject/ 60 credits

Option 3: Select two AS subjects and one BTEC equivalent to two A level subject/ 120 credits

Option 4: Select one AS subject and one BTEC equivalent to three A level subjects/ 180 credits 

Click here to download the Year 12 Subject Selection Form 


Block A:


Information Technology


Computer Science


French (Advanced Subsidiary only)


Block B:


Business Studies

Business (BTec)

Art & Design BTec

Art & Design (Edexcel)


Block C: 




Music BTec

Block D:




Environmental Management


Block E:




Global Perspectives

Sports (BTec)


Block F:

(Scheduled as per agreement with the Subject Tutor)

Mandarin (Advanced Subsidiary only)

German (Advanced Subsidiary only)




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