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Whilst the focus of education at Rusinga is Academic excellence and this is given top priority, the ICT department also believes that it has a greater purpose beyond preparing the young people for the challenges they would face in their colleges and university life. Equally important is that the department strives to make every students across the Kindergarten to the A-level  nurtured and made to feel that his/her individual contribution is a valued part of the whole growth of this department. There is a wide range of activities both inside and outside the classroom that allow the children to develop their physical, spiritual and social skills in a positive environment.
We have got have  5 well equipped state of the art computer labs, all with high speed internet connection using fibre optic connections, and overhead projectors.  The 5 labs are distributed as follows:
•    Kindergatten- 1
•    Prep school -1
•    Senior School -2
•    A-Level -1.
In addition, we have got Wi-Fi connections on the whole campus. A level students are allowed to come with their laptops and tablets, and can connect securely to the school’s Wi-Fi.

The department interacts with all the students across the four sections. It also provides technical support in the offices apart from the academics. Watching how the students navigate through the different programs in the computers is really amazing. The practical skills of the students right from the Prep school are clearly portrayed and not to mention how the students in the Senior school are well equipped with both the practical and written skills in their final ICT exams both in O-level IGCSE and A level applied ICT.

The availability of the Interactive Smartboards has made learning quite interactive. These are facilities which are used to interactively facilitate the teaching of all the subjects  in the BNC syllabus. It’s awesome to have such facilities. We strive to make Rusinga school another Silicon Valley in terms of ICT technology.


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