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The Learning Support Department

As Steven Jeffersons puts it “There is nothing more unequal than equal treatment of unequals”. Human beings are all different, with disparities ranging right from our cognitive abilities to our preferred mode of information reception. Therefore, we deserve differentiated approaches to skill acquisition and application in order to achieve our full potential. Learning Support Department deals with the provision of alternative individualized programs designed specifically for learners experiencing learning difficulties. This involves either in-class or extra support programs (on IEP) tailored to meet specific learning needs of the learners.


Rusinga School is committed to enable every student to excel in their studies and also to provide opportunities and resources within these students’ reach to enable those with exceptional needs to make progress, grow in confidence and cope in the mainstream class. Differentiation of learning resources and experiences to meet the learner’s needs and inclusion in the regular education offered in Rusinga School is key to the department. In this regard, psycho-educational assessments aimed at establishing the academic strengths and weaknesses of specific learners included in the Special Education Needs (SEN) register, their unique learning styles and learning needs is of paramount importance. The school believes in equal opportunity for all students with different abilities.

Who benefits from Learning Support?

Learning Support services will be provided to all learners included in the SEN register. They are learners who require a modification of the teaching and learning methods experiences and or resources in order to maximize their potential. This includes exceptional learners with either learning difficulties, or a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in learning and those regarded as gifted and talented who may require an extension of learning experiences and challenges in order to realize their contribution in their academic life.

We encourage a collaborative approach to teaching where the teachers share in planning of curriculum and incorporate regular education into IEPs and help develop materials at a lower level for regular students who have additional needs.

In a nutshell, the Learning Support Department endeavors to differentiate by providing the curriculum to the ability range of pupils within a class in an appropriate manner. This may be achieved through a variety of planned tasks, different outcomes and effective teaching.

To achieve this, planning and delivery of the curriculum takes into account the intra-individual differences and matches what is taught and how it is taught to individual learning styles and needs. It seeks to provide opportunities for ALL learners to participate and make progress in the curriculum by:

  1. Building on past achievements/experiences.
  2. Presenting challenges for further achievements.
  3. Providing opportunities for success.


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