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The Languages Department seeks to satisfy the goals of our school’s mission statement by engaging the students in critical thinking, reading, and writing as they continue their spiritual, moral and intellectual development.  All pupils study English and Literature in English up to IGCSE level and are advised to choose at least one Modern Foreign Language (MFL) at Year 7 with the view of making them competent global citizens. The school offers the following Modern Foreign Languages: French, Mandarin and German. The pupils at Key Stage 3 are all expected to study Swahili but are allowed to drop it at Key Stage 4.

The above mentioned subjects are offered at AS and A-Level with the exception of Swahili. The A-Level course is intended to give the students the opportunity to be accepted into University.
We value the rigorous and comprehensive study of language, literacy and literature, the cultivation of critical reading and reflection, the production of excellent writing in a variety of forms in the languages offered and teaching that will lead our students to participate in the world as informed, responsible citizens.


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