Registration may only take place using the advertised Google Form. Which may also be accessed on the Rusinga Schools social media platforms or as provided via invitation letters. The event is free to attend.

Upon registration, a short coding level questionnaire may be sent to you prior to the start of the event or you may choose to provide us with a simple demo to demonstrate your experience.

Team Composition:

  • Teams will be comprised of 3-5 students.
  • Students may create  their own teams or request the event organizers to place them in teams.
  • Teams will be comprised on students who utilize the same coding language.
  • Similar coding languages and expertise will compete against one another.

Semi Finals:

Only a select group of teams will be allowed to progress to the grand finale event to make presentations to the judges.

Teams will be eliminated by the official event mentors based on:

  • Readiness to present.
  • Projects do not align with the event theme or sub-themes.
  • Failure to attend each day of the Hackathon and its associated programmes.
  • No coding experience.
  • Utilizing website builder sites.
  • Not producing original work.

Grand Finals:

We will be judging students’ projects against 3 main areas idea, user experience and execution.

  1. Idea
    • Originality: Has this or something similar been done before?
    • Problem : Does the idea aim to solve an actual real-world problem relating to the event’s theme?
    • Scope: How ambitious is the scope of the project. Have the team though of where they would take it if they had more time?
  2. User Experience
    • Solution: Does it solve the identified problem?
    • Comprehension: Is it understandable to its audience?
    • Happiness: Is it pleasant/fun to use?
  3. Execution
    • Focus: Did the team do a good job of keeping on task, or was their execution scattershot?
    • Complexity: How complex was the solution? What technologies were used?
    • Completion: Does it work or is it a mock-up? We’re looking for a prototype, not necessarily something ready to go out to market.

Winning Categories:

Winning Team

1st Runners Up

2nd Runners Up

Mentors Prizes

Standout coder overall

Upcoming coder

Most improved

Top female coder

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